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by Elisa Almeida

Developed on a cloud infrastructure, our databases, fully managed and secure, allow you to enjoy excellent performance and great configuration freedom.

Administered database

Unlimited databases

Available engines and life cycle

automatic backup

Guaranteed RAM memory from 512 MB to 4 GB

Access management by IP address

Inbound and outbound traffic included

Configuration and logs


Cloud database

A "cloud database" can be one of two different things: a traditional or NoSQL database installed and running on a cloud virtual machine (be it a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud platforms), or the offering of a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) cloud provider. The first, running your own self-managed database in a cloud environment, is really no different than operating a traditional database. Cloud DBaaS, on the other hand, is the natural database equivalent of software as a service (SaaS): let the system handle all the details of provisioning and scaling to meet demand while maintaining consistently high performance.

A database is made up of a set of structured information that facilitates the collection, management, consultation and updating of data. To administer a database, a database management system is needed. This allows you to make requests to search, modify, add or delete data from your database.

Cloud database

Create your databases, we take care of the rest. We guarantee simplicity, flexibility and high performance. Benefit from a fully pre-installed infrastructure that is always available, monitored 24/7 and updated with security patches.

Create as many databases as you like on the storage space allocated to you.

Choose from the most popular solutions: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or Redis. We automatically apply minor updates and make important updates available to you.

Automatic backups of all your databases are performed daily. Find them easily in the Client Area, where you can restore or download them.

Your server's live memory (RAM) is guaranteed for better performance. Accessing data loaded into RAM memory is much faster than reading it from the hard drive.

From the public network, give access to your service by authorizing certain IP addresses. You can also separately enable access to all web hosts.

Both incoming and outgoing traffic are included. You can use their databases at no additional cost, all at an affordable price.

Configure your database server parameters directly from the Client Area.

Other strategies such as multi-cloud or hybrid cloud could dictate that you leverage multiple public and private clouds, which would reduce your database choices to products that operate across vendors and/or on-premises.

Platform lock.

Technology requirements.

Cloud provider strategy.

Database technology

A slightly more advanced option, ideal for those who have a website that consumes a lot of resources or for those who want to put more than one website online. Renting a virtual server, or also called a VPS, is much cheaper than several shared servers, thus allowing users to have several websites online in the same hosting package.

This is an intermediate option between shared and dedicated, where the virtual server is simulated inside a real computer, producing independent environments despite sharing the same physical space.

In this option, the virtual server has its own operating system, private access, disk space and traffic, thus allowing much more security and personal management of these resources.

The virtual server also allows the user to install their own programs, scripts or special security systems.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud offers you several billed or free cloud solutions depending on your usage. The infrastructure has been simplified for your activity: you can enjoy the flexibility of resources on demand, in order to adapt your consumption to your needs, from the most standard service to large-scale implementations.

Through Public Cloud, we offer business cloud solutions committed to OVH's global strategy: to be a smart cloud!

Simple: our cloud offers are easy and quick to use.
Multilocal: We deploy our network and datacenters to be close to people around the world.
Affordable: Our prices are the best in the business, are predictable and have no hidden additional costs.
Reversible: We use industry standard technologies to be open and interoperable.
Transparent: we are committed to the clarity of our communication and favor predictable prices.

We are a company that provides services in the area of Information Technologies.

In terms of information technology, we cover all your company's needs, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company.

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