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by Elisa Almeida

Security services are sometimes seen as something superfluous within organizations, but the increase in intrusions has radically changed this scenario.

Protection for customers

Protect your employees

Safety as a process

24/7 monitoring



We have a team that coordinates a reinforced work to exploit vulnerabilities in web and mobile environments, guaranteeing the security of your business, rescuing future intrusions.

Our constant investigation routines are measured with technology and alignment, making more streamlined workflows crucial.
With our robust threat mapping tactics, we stop intrusions and prevent financial loss for businesses.
We carry the most efficient identification and exploitation of access to information, data and passwords, as well as non-standard routes to identify gaps.
We describe a complete collection to provide and fix weaknesses and potential threats to empower enterprises to protect themselves.

Using our pentest service, your organization's projects are able to prevent intrusions, failures and constantly develop the improvement of products and services.

Our testers have several intrusion simulation actions, which include white box, black box or gray box services.

With our complete diagnostic tests, we lead your business to more security and confidence in the impact of your work flow.

Phishing Campaign

More than a third of phishing attempts occur through Smartphones and in companies this is precisely the space that they can least control.

Your company has a legal responsibility to maintain customer safety, but in an increasingly omnichannel world, the challenge is enormous. It is very important to run Phishing campaigns on all possible channels.

The impact caused by stolen data in a Phishing action in large companies reaches multimillion losses. However, few companies invest in this type of campaign.

Nowadays having an intranet and blocking access to various websites is no longer enough to protect your company and employees. Elivretek helps in monitoring and maintaining managed enterprise devices.

Technological innovation for many companies is something put aside due to the complex structure and data protection. With security services, your company can innovate without running internal and external risks.

We monitor and use filters to block attacks in real time while browsing through Browsers.

We defend your operation against SMS phishing attacks. This is a modality increasingly chosen by cybercriminals.

We have created models that allow you to use artificial intelligence capabilities to find new Phishing formats.


Applications are being developed to ensure fast, secure and continuous development cycles thanks to the DevSecOps methodology.

A development team can deliver more secure code faster, resulting in cheaper, higher quality code.
Security issues are addressed as soon as they are identified throughout the development cycle, code is audited, verified and reviewed.
In DevSecOps, vulnerability scanning and fixing are integrated into the release cycle, improving the ability to identify and remediate common vulnerabilities and exposures.
A DevSecOps environment can benefit from repeatable and adaptable processes, ensuring that security is applied consistently as the environment changes.

It is crucial at DevSecops to have a culture of efficient communication between all those involved in the process, making security a priority.

Engineers and developers should form alliances with organizations to ensure everyone is aligned with the company's security posture.

This process, which is virtually a balance between DevSecOps developers, ensures that all configurations and components are corrected and documented.

Managed Security Services

The constant attacks on organizations around the world force companies to make quick and aggressive security decisions.

We guarantee your company an efficient security operations center, thus reducing the internal and external risks to which your company is constantly exposed.
With a remote security operations center, your company not only becomes more efficient in terms of security, but also drastically reduces the costs involved in the process.
With teams and artificial intelligence systems working 24 hours a day for the security of your company.
Our remote security services generate large volumes of data, with the support of our analysts, this data is stored and made available in a dashboard in real time.

We remotely protect all attributes of your cloud services, thus ensuring security for all your users.

With our security services using AI, we can scan all your operating systems and applications for vulnerabilities.

We protect your data against phishing attacks and other models used by cybercriminals, whether in the internal environment, web or applications.

Security Consulting

We support clients with expert advice to ensure their business is protected internally and externally. We carry out a thorough analysis and support your professionals throughout the process.

By hiring a team of cybersecurity experts, your company automatically has the best tools and processes at its disposal.
Our comprehensive analysis makes it much easier for your business to quantify and understand risk, enabling you to accurately detect, identify and respond.
Securely protect your business data for the entire team. By implementing our security, analysis and control policies, all departments have a clear vision of the way forward.
We bring AI solutions to your business by quickly and confidently identifying and responding to threats. AI provides powerful real-time insights to help you make decisions.

Using our experience and insights, we provide the right tools to transform your business and create significant impact faster.

Get results from proven solutions and methods tailored to your industry, and benefit from know-how that has been evolving for over two decades.

We're changing the way companies think about security.

We are a company that provides services in the area of Information Technologies.

In terms of information technology, we cover all your company's needs, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company.

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