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by Elisa Almeida

We solve the biggest problems with personalized consulting, making the most of your solution, optimizing processes.

Specialist planning

Project customization

Minimize risks

Technological implementation


Development of software

Developing software is not just programming: our efforts are to plan, create, design and, thus, deliver a product exactly the way your company needs it.

We develop customized software solutions adapted to the needs of your company. We work from initial discussions to prototyping and testing software solutions.
Maintenance and support are essential in any software investment. Our maintenance provides the flexibility you need to work with our team on a time and cost basis.
We have a team of specialists who dedicate their time and energy to achieving the desired results for your project. They are technology professionals with technical excellence, who take responsibility for a successful outcome.

We eliminate any internal concern that sums up your corporation we are a team capable of creating and supporting your software

We are always focused on optimizing tasks in systems development, bringing faster solutions and results to the company.

We use methodologies in our process that guarantee assertiveness and make possibilities more flexible for your business.

The value you place on your product is important to us.

Modernization of Technology

Relying on obsolete systems can be very costly due to poor performance. We work on new processes that suit your company's business standards, identify your entire operation and thus migrate to more recent technology.

With the technological improvement linked to management and process management, your decision-making will be more efficient in all operational strategies.
By reducing the assets in your organizational area, you integrate services and solutions in an environment, simplifying unnecessary demands.
Functionalities and tools that make a difference in everyday life help you to get better results in your company's team.
New technologies bring new ways and resolutions to the work day, identifying improvements and eliminating obsolete processes.

Outdated software can be the number one factor holding your business back from digital transformation.

Your App may no longer meet the needs of its users, we have a necessary restructuring and development plan.

If your company still relies on physical servers, it can cause a huge delay in your Time to Market. Change your entire infrastructure with our Cloud Services.

It is not enough to modernize resources, your company needs to manage these assets. Our IT team integrates these solutions into your reality.

Outsystems Low-Code

Harness the power of low-code to maximize performance. Start turning your plans into apps. Combining design, coding and implementation, OutSystems is transforming the way companies create, Elivretek helps you innovate faster and better.
OutSystems offers a Low-Code platform that facilitates and streamlines the development of visually appealing portals for customers on the web and mobile devices. Allows you to create customized applications for your business, safe and scalable.
The built-in applications
Used on the OutSystems platform, they are recognized for their high performance to take care of the backlog of internal applications. Quickly address the flaws of your legacy applications, eliminate the disconnect between systems, and create the products that set your business apart.
Take advantage of OutSystems' Low-Code platform to build a core system specifically tailored to your business needs without the difficulty of conventional development or the limitation and inflexibility of off-the-shelf solutions or other platforms.
You can assess, quantify and experiment with different approaches and business structures, quickly generate basic operational processes and acquire data that can be used to continue to improve.

Accredited Professional Support Engineers are involved at every stage, from inception of construction and blending through to application, change control and quality control.

Use high-performance, low-code development to build applications quickly. Apps that can be used by both consumers and businesses and can handle a large number of users.

OutSystems is a company recognized for building applications with exceptional performance, Low-Code gives organizations the ability to quickly create, launch and manage their applications, portals or systems.

The value you place on your product is important to us.

Development of web and mobile applications

The business world is increasingly digital, and to remain competitive, it is essential that your company has an online presence. So we offer customized web and mobile application development solutions.
With our customized web and mobile application development solutions, your company can optimize processes and increase productivity, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks and saving time and resources.
And it can improve user experience and customer satisfaction. We offer a user-centric approach, ensuring that your applications are easy to use and meet your customers' needs, generating loyalty and increasing the conversion rate.
They also allow your company to reach new markets and customers, increasing your brand's visibility and boosting your business growth.
Likewise, the security and protection of company and customer data. We implement the most rigorous security measures to ensure that your applications are protected against cyber threats, guaranteeing the security of your company's and your customers' data.

Your company can optimize processes and increase productivity, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Your business can easily integrate existing systems and technologies to improve efficiency and productivity.

Your company can count on a dedicated team of specialists who offer continuous technical support and preventive maintenance to guarantee the stability and security of your applications.

Your company can count on a team of specialists who carry out rigorous tests and guarantee the quality of your applications.


The influence of consumers on the success of products and services is a reality present in all segments. We apply strategies to know, understand and create the best experience for the reality of your business.
The use of UI and UX Design is essential to generate value and promote the best user experience in your products and/or services. For this, it is necessary to know who your customers are, understand how they behave, their expectations, among other factors.
A good interaction experience with a product and/or service increases the conversion rate and the likelihood that leads will become customers in the future. The quality of the design applied to the UI is part of this process.
Your company should always work to leave positive memories in the minds of your customers. If they remember you because they felt good, your brand will go one step further and be able to easily sell what you offer.
A great user experience is the key to success. It must be fast and easy to use, so that users can get to your product and/or service as quickly as possible without having any difficulty navigating or viewing it.

We started the project with research and interviews with users and stakeholders.

With research data, we define the essentials for the product and/or service, we also identify insights to develop a holistic understanding of users.

We developed the user flow to map the actions and possible errors that may occur along the user's journey.

We create the look of the project, with the entire design system we transform the structure into an interface, so that we can test and correct the usability of the project.

We are a company that provides services in the area of Information Technologies.

In terms of information technology, we cover all your company's needs, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company.

See For Yourself

We have a wide range of self-created solutions, access our videos and see for yourself.

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