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by Elisa Almeida

Our Services

Our services are always transparent and specialized, so we show below our own portfolio of some of our own services that you can view. Our team is guided by clarifying and demonstrating the smallest we can offer for your business.


Text Analysis Tools, Password Managment Tools, Online Calculators, Unit Converters, Binary Converters, Image Tools, Domains Tools, Tags Tools, Development Tools, Website Management Tools.


Elivretek's social network has everything you need to share and make friends, with no restrictions and full freedom to use.


Link, SMS, E-mail, Location, Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, WI-FI, V-card, Event, PayPal, BitCoin, create Qrcodes to use in the options and use them wherever and however you want. A free and easy to use tool.


Make your family tree with Elivretek Family Tree and do not leave it just a memory, build it with the participation of everyone and make it stretch to infinity.


A social network for those who love sports, a game that is also played off the field, four online lines to share all clubs and sports, feedback with fans.
let the games begin.


Want to go on vacation? Are you looking for a few days of rest with activities? In our Myrentals you have everything you need so you don't have to worry when you are relaxing, prepare your purchases and stays before packing your bags, then don't worry about anything else.


Whether summer, winter or working day there is always fun somewhere in the world. Whether younger or older, we all enjoy a good dance, concert or festival, but that's why calendars are important, check them out at Pixie and don't miss out on your favorite entertainment.


An area where customer relationships are managed, that is, a space where customer tools and discretion are kept. It facilitates the relationship with customers and facilitates the experience for consumers by having historical information available.


Do you need a domain to create a website and you don't know how many and which one you like best? Well, we have the right place to look and choose, be it .pt, .com, .es, .net, .org, .info, among many other options. The very choice of domain name is important for your company, you will need to take some aspects into account, so you can choose your extension through domaintools.

Think Different

Think Out Of The Box

We are in the era of virtualization, a tool where we are constantly growing, a little box where it takes us everywhere and helps/supports us in our studies, work, sales, socialization and even satisfying curiosities.
Elivretek is growing with you and for you, in this era where the box takes us out of it.

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Do you wanna be part of the team

Elivretek always has its doors open for those who work in our area. If you are trained in any area in which we work, contact us and send your CV, whether teleworking, part-time or face-to-face, we are all happy that you are part of this spectacular team.

Be A Part Of Our Creative Team

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