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Without a server, it is not possible to place a page in the online world. The storage system contributes to the performance of your digital enterprise, regardless of whether it is a website, e-commerce or blog.

It's safe

It's "elastic"

Is fast

It's "flexible"


Dedicated Server

A server where all physical resources of the machine are available. Unlike a virtual server, which reserves part of its capabilities for virtualization technology, a dedicated server makes all of its RAM memory, storage and computing power available to you. It is possible to apply this technology to cloud computing: we speak of bare metal. This type of solution highlights the physical availability of server resources, as opposed to services that are based on virtual instances.

Dedicated server configurations offer a response adapted to various professional uses. Depending on your needs, you can opt for more live memory, increased storage space or a faster processor.

The uses of a dedicated server are multiple:
big data, machine learning, website and web application hosting, storage and backup, infrastructure virtualization, server clustering, professional applications (CRM, ERP) or even online game hosting.

For that reason, Elivretek offers a wide range of dedicated servers that adapt to the specific needs of our customers. Our commercial and technical teams will accompany you in your project and help you choose the most suitable server.

Shared Server

Used by most end users who only need to put a website with few resources online. Being the cheapest option and the simplest to work with, it becomes the best option for most people who have little knowledge or who do not need a lot of attention from hosting companies.

Used by most end users who only need to put a website with few resources online. Being the cheapest option and the simplest to work with, it becomes the best option for most people who have little knowledge or who do not need a lot of attention from hosting companies.

Your server is shared by other end customers, leaving you with only a small slice. Its memory, operating system, traffic, disk space and all server features are shared with other customers who have purchased the same package of services.


This is the best option for those with little computer or web server knowledge, as hosting maintenance and management is extremely simple.

Virtual Server (VPS)

A slightly more advanced option, ideal for those who have a website that consumes a lot of resources or for those who want to put more than one website online. Renting a virtual server, or also called a VPS, is much cheaper than several shared servers, thus allowing users to have several websites online in the same hosting package.

This is an intermediate option between shared and dedicated, where the virtual server is simulated inside a real computer, producing independent environments despite sharing the same physical space.

In this option, the virtual server has its own operating system, private access, disk space and traffic, thus allowing much more security and personal management of these resources.

The virtual server also allows the user to install their own programs, scripts or special security systems.

Linux x Windows

There are still other differences that need to be highlighted, since all 3 options presented can be available on one of two platforms: Linux or Windows.

In general terms, most users use servers on the Linux platform, as they guarantee a great capacity to manage large volumes of traffic to your website, high security and most of the resources needed by the most common users.

On the other hand, servers on the Windows platform are indicated for those who need to run applications created especially with this type of server in mind, generally Microsoft applications, languages and technologies, such as ASP.NET or MS SQL. These cases are recommended only for advanced users with very high management knowledge.


The hosting can also resort to Cloud technology, in which the shared server or VPS can offer much more "Uptime" guarantees, as there is a redundancy of services and processes.

Although it costs more than standard hosting, this is an excellent option if the site does not require a large processing capacity that justifies a VPS or Dedicated Server, but requires a stable presence and no downtime.

What choice to make for your accommodation?

It is important to remember that the choice must be made according to the needs of each user, in the short, medium and long term.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages, so before moving forward it is important to know each of the options and the features that each company guarantees in the packages available, then compare them with the needs of your website(s) and find the option that gives you the most guarantees so that your website is not offline, thus losing a lot of money.

It is necessary to remember that any of the options you choose initially may later be changed, as your needs may also be different, so it is important that the company you choose has a very active customer support so that it can help on any necessary changes.

We are a company that provides services in the area of Information Technologies.

In terms of information technology, we cover all your company's needs, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company.

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