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by Elisa Almeida

A domain designates your company's identity on the web. This is the name associated with your IP address that redirects visitors to your website (eg ovhcloud.com). This forwarding is transparent to the Internet user.


What is it?

A domain consists of three elements. For example, the website www.elivretek.com.

At the beginning of the domain appears the subdomain, represented by «www». Refer to different sections of the site. Example; contact.elivretek.com, recruitment.elivretek.com.

Then comes the second-level domain, or SLD (second-level domain), which corresponds to your business name or brand: it appears immediately before the extension, separated by a dot. Example «elivretek». This part can be customized in order to be as close as possible to your activity.

Finally, the top-level domain, or TLD (top-level domain), also known as «extension» completes the domain designation, appears in the final position, after the domain. Example extensions like .pt or .com.
However, not all TLDs have the same functionality: there are generic TLDs (gTLDs) and others associated with a country, as in the case of a national domain. These are the most frequently used TLDs.

To reserve a domain, you must make a request with the responsible body. As an accredited registrar, Elivretek facilitates all operations and procedures necessary to register your domain.

How to choose?

Choose a simple name that is easy to remember and spell.
Site visitors should have no doubts about the spelling of the domain.
Also consider using it as an email address.
Certain special characters may be refused by email protocols.
A logical and easy-to-read name guarantees reliability for your website visitors.
Choose a strategic name. The visitor should be able to easily deduce the main activity of the website domain.
Explore the numerous extensions available to find the most suggestive domain possible. If the site has an e-commerce oriented dimension, take into account its commercial function so as not to confuse visitors.
Before registering a domain, think carefully about the online image strategy you are going to adopt.

Choose a domain that optimizes your natural referencing (SEO).
For maximum effectiveness on search engines, describe your activity by associating strategic keywords and extensions. The domain must evoke the content and reflect the purpose of the site.
Also take into account local referencing: if, for example, your activity is located essentially in Portugal, choose the «.pt» extension.
It's best to avoid dashes and underscores, which can be misinterpreted by search engines.
Discover our complete guide to choosing a domain.

Domain registrar?

Elivretek is a registrar. As a service provider accredited by AFNIC, Elivretek can create web addresses or domains with .pt, .re, .com, .pm, .space or .tf extensions. We play the role of intermediary between our client and the registration authority when booking the domain. Our role is to carry out all the necessary steps with the services responsible for the domains: creation, renewal, transfer, change of title or deletion. In addition to managing your domains, we can provide you with other services, such as creating personalized email addresses, hosting your website or blog, etc. All these essential services are related to the use of a domain.

Get a domain
You can use our search menu to check if a given domain is available. After identifying a domain and an appropriate generic, geographical or thematic extension, you can place an order from the Customer Area and obtain the domain.

Premium domain

A premium domain is a short, optimized, generic name. Thus, it is easily memorable and has an interesting dimension in terms of referencing in search engines. A higher price will be applied to so-called premium domains, in order to differentiate them from less generic domains. The attractiveness of these domains lies in their strong marketing value. They are what generic keywords are for search engines, a powerful advantage that, due to their generic or associative character, allows you to increase the visibility of the site among Internet users.

Through the registrar, you can ask the competent authority to delete your domain. From then on, the domain ceases to belong to you and is again available to anyone who requests it.

Is the desired domain unavailable?

Choose a similar name or alternative extension. You can find the most suitable one in our complete list of extensions. Try different domains and choose the extension that best matches your activity!

Please contact the owner. Owner contact information is usually available on the site currently using the domain you want.

Consult the secondary market. Sometimes, the domain you are looking for is already for sale by the owner and is available on the secondary market. In this case, the search results include an indication indicating that it belongs to the market for recycled web addresses. Elivretek can then act as a trusted third party to secure the transaction and transfer operations.

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