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by Elisa Almeida

High computational processing power with artificial intelligence applied to your business, we translate a complex scenario with a high volume of data, using mechanisms that generate insights, transforming your management.

More efficient management

Increased sales


Cost Reduction



We have a scalable cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence, we act in the day-to-day decision-making of your company.

We use tools that come from paths and insights based on data, so that decision-making based on feeling falls to the ground.
Through an assertive forecast, we optimize all your supply chain planning, pricing and marketing strategy.
With assertive sales planning, we outline new market strategies, adapting the distribution of promotions and discounts to the right audience in the places with the greatest opportunity.
We work in the construction of a single data repository, allowing the construction of machine learning algorithms.

We automate around 50% of your manual processes with less interruptions.

We develop new approaches for better management and operational efficiency.

We use data as strategies, increasing your ROI by 40%
+30% market share gain.

We devise new strategies, adapting the distribution of promotions and discounts to the right audience.

People Analytics

We facilitate the onboarding process, goals, bonuses and PDIs, overtime control, alert services and content recommendation with a people management platform.

We identify key traits that fit your company culture with predictive models and intelligent profile segmentation.
We solve fundamental problems with real-time control of overtime, propensity for absenteeism, alert services, among other attributes for the development and engagement of companies.
We provide an engagement diagnosis and e-NPS showing the factors for improvement and recommendation of the company as a good place to work.
We consolidate and manage in a simple and practical way the main KPI's related to people management: management of goals, PDIs and bonuses, complete onboarding service, among others.

We work with employees, avoiding absenteeism by +55%.

We anticipate possible turnovers and, above all, understand the real reasons with the help of AI.

We guarantee a 350% return on investment with personalized content, for the right person, in the right place.

Decreased time and cost of processes thanks to an understanding of the appropriate profiles.

Supply Chain

We consolidate the main pillars that support the supply chain, through a supply control tower, bringing assertiveness and optimization from the application of AI.

We reduce disruptions based on an assertive demand forecast, allowing the entire chain to proactively prepare and act.
Through an assertive demand curve, the entire planning of the supply chain is optimized, avoiding ruptures or excess of inadequate sku`s.
We reduce logistics and production operation costs by optimizing delivery routes for each SKU for each customer.
We have a complete platform consolidating all the information, allowing the management of the entire chain in a fast and safe way, totally based on data.

We use a tax grid optimizer and a demand forecast, reducing costs for companies.

With a medium-term forecast, we guarantee adequate production and assertive stock.

We merge a demand forecast with a production optimizer, improving OTIF.

We have an assertive production, with a FEFO reduction of 25%, without excess and without rupture.

Customer Services

We offer the right customer at the right time to increase revenue and gain brand value for your company.

The right product, offered to the right person at the right time, strengthening your relationship with the brand. Intelligence predicts a satisfied customer's need/desire to purchase.
We apply a personalized treatment with processing of high volumes of data in the search for brand loyalty.
We apply the construction of assertive campaigns with a targeted and grounded focus on the right customers.
We carry out an accurate reading of profiles and generation of business opportunities to capture new leads.

Increased customer interaction by +60% with purchase channels.

We allow a personalized treatment for your customers, building loyalty and engaging your brand.

We segment profiles, allowing complementary studies to increase the portfolio.

Our omnichannel strategy is based on centric data, allowing for more efficient channels.

Business Analytics

We built an automated data control tower powered by A.I. facilitating the logistics and management of your information.

With the automation of collections, information reaches employees in a fast, reliable and structured way, thus eliminating all operational errors.
We provide monitoring of the historical performance of companies and market trends, promoting assertive market strategies to economic changes.
With our automated data handling, leadership and business analysts are focused on understanding numbers, opportunities and fixing problems.
We provide real monitoring of KPIs for companies, achievement of goals for each stakeholder, analysis of less adherent areas and quick creation of action plans.

By incorporating Data Driven into your company, you have a chance of winning 25x more customers.

Your profits increase by 9% when using Big Data.

69% of retailers attribute competitive advantages to using data analytics.

Using insight driven, companies grow 30% annually


Armed with A.I. we build an automated control tower for your business.

Construction and automatic updating of social, environmental and governance indicators.
Data from social, environmental and corporate governance indicators are built and updated automatically. With our AI solution, we capture market trends and make indicator projections, in addition to forecasted target comparisons and risk identification.
Transparent and automated processes for calculating indicators with reliability, clarity, avoiding operational errors.

ESG data is the biggest investment barrier in the sustainable sector.

94% of the largest companies have ESG-focused initiatives.

Companies with the best indicators report higher levels of productivity.

We have transparency and punctuality in monitoring indicators, reducing risks.

We are a company that provides services in the area of Information Technologies.

In terms of information technology, we cover all your company's needs, whether they are hardware or software, servers and computers, consulting services or other specific services for your company.

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We have a wide range of self-created solutions, access our videos and see for yourself.

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